Social Anxiety Disorder is one of the very common and at the same time, very troubling psychiatric disorder. People suffering from social anxiety disorder are afraid of social conditions and they can become physically sick in social situations. Thus social anxiety disorder is capable of totally hampering your social life. Every aspect, whether married life, financial life or social life, is severely affected and patient’s self-esteem suffers a lot.

Fortunately, you can get help to minimize and gradually reduce stress and get rid of sickness. Various medications, counseling and support groups are of great help against this disorder. But at the same time, you, yourself, need to take a few steps for self-help which would take you out of this agony.

Ways To Deal With Social Anxiety

1- First of all, you need to be well aware of all the facts about social anxiety disorder. Try to read as much as possible about Social Anxiety Disorder, a wide range of books is available on this disorder and you would also get enough information on the internet. Similarly, reading material on other related problems like building self-confidence, public speaking, positive thinking, etc would also be helpful in alleviating the side symptoms of the disorder.

2- You need to maintain a daily, weekly and monthly journal for self-assessment and improvement. You should write your daily experiences in daily journal e.g. did you feel sick today in a social situation, how did others react to you and what was your own reaction, etc. At the end of each week, you would be in a position to summarize both your progress and your setbacks. Once the month has ended, you need to write down two things. One is about those situations where you felt uncomfortable and how did you react to it, what did you do to overcome it. Secondly, in which situations did you feel comfortable and why. You will write down an overview of the whole month. Such journals help you assess yourself and face the problem. Only then you would be able to overcome the problem.

3- Set some small goals for you to face the situations which disturb you. e.g. if being at a shopping mall causes anxiety, dare yourself to go into the mall, walk a bit and then immediately come out. If being in a crowded building get on your nerves and you feel depressed, walk into that building and turn back immediately. This way, by setting small goals and gradually moving towards bigger goals would help you overcome social anxiety disorder.

4- Above all, always keep in touch with your doctor and take your medicines regularly. Try to overcome your social anxiety, it is not that difficult. With little courage and commitment, you would be able to enjoy life once again and socialize with those whom you love. Have confidence in yourself and you would be able to overcome any difficult situation what so ever.


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