Going veg just not help you to protect your body from many diseases, but also helps the animal from getting slaughtered and save them from torture. These few reasons are the main points by which you can actually switch your diet to veg. These all are just the truth hiding from the world which either the people are not taking seriously or they don’t know about it. Listing out these points for you is just not helpful for us but also for those who are starving for food and die every day. So let’s just drop down to them and know the truth.

Every year People die of starvation.

Starving for food is an everyday fight for many poor people and small children. Many of them die just because of hunger, because crops that could be used to feed hungry starving people are instead being used as a feed for the animal to make them fat so that they can produce more meat out of them. The calories people gain from animal product can only nourish 3.5 million people, where as if there would be more of vegetarian it could almost nourish 6.5 million people just double means less death due to hunger. We can make it possible just by switching to veg diet.

Eating flesh can be harmful

Flesh food is a hub of dangerous poison and germs. In a study, it was found that 20% of 200 pre-packed retail ground meat samples are contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. These bacteria are generally founded in poultry animal and it travels through feces.(means Bacteria out of animal poop)

Heart diseases

It’s not a rumor but a fact that almost 2400 Americans die of cardiovascular diseases. Amounting to an average of one death in every 36 seconds. Most of the people with such disease are found to be eating a diet completely based on animal food.
It is also proved that after such disease if human switch it’s the diet to vegetarian the chances of recovery becomes fast and bring out success in preventing heart diseases. Depending on the vegetarian diet will get you protection against diseases and it also makes our body immunity strong.

Deleting ozone layer affecting greenhouse.

Pollution is the biggest problem that the earth is facing in today’s time pollution created by us has almost done its work in harming the nature and life of the earth. Pollution depletes the ozone layer surrounding the earth. Ozone layer helps in saving us from skin diseases and maintains the atmosphere. Killing and eating animals is also one of the scientific reasons of this depletion. As eating meat causes 40% more greenhouse depletion than all of the cars, trucks, planes. As their body releases gases which affect ozone layer. Problems such as Land degradation, climate change, air and water pollution and its shortage are the major problems happened because of the production and cooking of meat.

Stop animal cruelty just by avoiding meat

A video by Paul McCartney named as glass wall has contributed a great part in showing people the actual truth hiding behind the scene; the cruelty on animals before they are slaughtered to death in a slaughterhouse. The meat you have every day is a packed product, for real you don’t know anything about it except its price and company, basically, this story is full of sadness and pain. Most of the time animals are tortured to die before being slaughtered and many a time they don’t even die and get slaughtered if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian, you can stop this cruelty just by switching your diet.

Keep your weight Maintained

Having a lot of saturated fat through processed food and have a low diet in plant-based food makes the reason of getting obese and to kill our body slowly. People who are obese, including the children, are always at the risk of overweight harms such as heart attack and diabetes. Opting vegetarian diet helps in the cutting of your excess weight and will keep you fit. According to the studies, almost 1/4th of the obese people maintain their diet with meat products whereas the only 1/10th of obese people are vegetarians. This clarifies that meat just not increases the fat but also kills our body from inside.

Human killer – Cancer

It’s true that meat may build up cancer in our body, as research and studies have proved that those who avoided meat got significant decreases in cancer risk. The high-fat content present in meat increases hormone production, thus increases the risk of hormonal cancers such as breast and prostate cancer. Most of the times we generally just look upon the advantages and ignore the disadvantages. Meat may have lots of protein to help you buff up but it also has a chemical named carcinogen which is present in an animal protein named as the main element for cancer in humans.

We are made to be a vegetarian and I am no one to say that, but these important noticeable things may change your mind too, as if we start with our teeth, they are not pointed rather are perfect for grinding grains and vegetables not for tearing flesh, our saliva contains enzymes which are for digesting the vegetable carbohydrates only found in herbivores. And of course our hands, they are designed to gather not to rip the flesh. This proves that we have all the features to have plant food, but none of the fresh food.
These facts are true and we can just stop them by avoiding animal food and start having vegetable food.


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