The Tragedy of Afghanistan’s Poor Children

Vatan Today: When we say Afghan child; it means uncertain future, endless suffering, sorrowful soul, tough times that never last and dreams that have never come true. The horrible devastating situations of Afghanistan’s poor children challenge the humanity. Mental and physical health of this vulnerable group is always under threat. Poverty, forced labour, denial of education, amputation, child trafficking, and various kinds of child abuses are the problems that Afghan children suffer from. Statistics show that about four million children now in Afghanistan facing various kinds of risks, such as sexual abuse and exhausting works like transfer of smuggled goods and they are even used in suicide attacks and espionage works. According to the SAVE THE CHILDREN report; more than “50,000 children are working on the streets of the capital, Kabul” The statistics also indicate that more than 40 persons that 50 percent of them are children die every month due to the explode of landmines which are not defused.

Afghanistan’s Poor Children: The Tragic Victims of 40 Years of War:
children’s support structures has not been made or destroyed during the long years of war and insecurity in Afghanistan. The growing insecurity, poverty, unemployment and lack of supervision led to a large number of children lose the safe embrace of their families and their happy child lives. They are compelled to work in tough conditions to provide living expenses for their families and other horrible nightmares that this article briefly mentions.

What happens when they go out of the home?
o The child will be kidnapped if he/she is from a rich or noble family and his/her parents have to pay a huge amount to get their child released.
o If the child is from a poor or needy family then he/she will be used in illicit drug trafficking and conveyance of stolen objects.
o If the hapless child is handsome he will be used as catamite in some provinces and then he will be compelled to dance as well.
o The ill-fated children will also be forced to commit suicide attacks And also to cross over landmines placed during the war.
o The needy children are also compelled to do exhausting works for their families who have been handicapped or disabled by war.
o Recruitment of indigent children in espionage works in favour of criminals and even terrorists.
o For unkind and heartless wealthy people; the Afghan immigrant children are just a means of delivering drugs to Iran and Pakistan.
o The transmission and sale of Afghan poor children to Gulf Sheikhs for slavery and camel racing
It is a sad reality that four million Afghan children are not only deprived of their natural rights; but their human right is also violated by traffickers, bullies and militants groups.

In order to save the children’s life in Afghanistan, it is not enough to provide health and nutrition program, what is very important is to help end the war, to pressure the state to maintain justice and the rule of law, supporting social development, fighting against trafficking and traffickers, guaranteeing the return of children to school, establishing children support structure and health insurance until the end of the study period.

Written by: Abdulmalek Oshani

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